Jiaozuo Libo Light Alloy Co., Ltd.

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Jiaozuo Libo aims to survive by quality, develop by quality and benefit by quality. Our company can process and produce aluminium alloy anode by itself. We dare to guarantee the quality. We strictly control the preparation of raw materials, production and finished products. In packaging, we can use wooden cases or wooden pallets according to customers requirements. There will be no problems in transportation. Mistakes. Welcome to inquire! ​


          • Company Name:
          • Jiaozuo Libo Light Alloy Co., Ltd.
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          • The main products of Jiaozuo Libo Light Alloy Co., Ltd. are: magnesium alloy sacrificial anode, aluminum alloy sacrificial anode, zinc alloy sacrificial anode, deep well anode, pre-packaged high silicon cast iron anode, magnesium bar, magnesium belt, zinc belt, zinc grounding battery. Auxiliary products include: reference electrode, thermite welding die, insulating joint, insulating bracket, igniter, explosion-proof junction box and other cathodic protection products.
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          • South of the middle section of Yangkui Road, Dahongqiao Township, Wuzhong County
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          • 454950
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          • Anna wang
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          • sales manager
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          • 86+13939190268
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          • 0391-7576666
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